Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein - Tattooed Misfit
Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, better known as Doyle, has crafted quite a rock 'n' roll legacy as the guitarist for legendary New Jersey-launched horror punk band The Misfits....

Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein, better known as Doyle, has crafted quite a rock 'n' roll legacy as the guitarist for legendary New Jersey-launched horror punk band The Misfits, formed all the way back in 1977, and with other projects since. The band was introduced to the mainstream when Metallica covered one of their songs, but diehard fans of tried and true punk rock were already well aware of what Metallica knew - The Misfits are essential listening and the band occupies its own volume in the rock music cannon.

While Doyle is not loaded up with tattoos - nothing on his throat, no full sleeves, no massive pieces that are impossible to cover - he is still quite an interesting figure because of his look, like his devil lock, and his history.

Currently, he is doing his thing with his namesake band, Doyle. The band's new album, Abominator, is out now and available. They were going by the Gorgeous Frankenstein moniker, but it wasn't working out for 'em.

Regarding the name change, Doyle confessed that he chose to follow that old principle: KISS, which stands for, "Keep It Simple, Stupid!" By going with his name, one that fans know, he opened the doors for the band.

"When we were on tour, if we had 50 people a night, 49 would come up and say they didn't know I had a band! So we changed it," Doyle said. "Now it's working great and people recognize it."

Indeed, there is something to be said for name recognition and branding in this day and age. Another definitive element for Doyle? The Misfits logo and its associated culture. It's an iconic image, with the band's name written in simple, horror film-like script and a skeleton with a sly, crooked, and toothy grin. Rock fans, even those of the casual sort, know it when they see it.

Doyle has eight tattoos total, but all have their own significance for him. On his arm, he has the Misfits' logo with four skeletons and one of the logo on the middle finger of his left hand. Is that a coincidence, given the band's attitude? Could be!

"I have a lizard on the top of my foot, but I don't want to get into that story," he said. Moving right along...

...More personally, he keeps his kids with him at all times. "I have my children's names on my fingers on my knuckles like rings," Doyle said. "I have four children and four rings."

He has one more ring that he'd like to get rid of. "I have the ex-wife on the one finger, I have to get that off of there," he admitted. "I'd like to take it off. Maybe I'll chop the whole finger off," he joked.

Well, that wouldn't be good for business, but we can appreciate the sentiment of tattoo regret when it comes to exes.

Doyle is well aware of the cult of The Misfits. Plenty of fans get the tattoo and they're pretty prevalent since the image is so cool. "I think that logo is such an American icon. It's like the Dallas Cowboys helmet. It is what it is," he mused.

When mentioned that The Misfits logo endures, since it's simple and easy to replicate, he referred to a statement he made earlier about his band name change. "Like I said, keep it simple," he declared.

Beyond the fans getting standard band logo inkings, Doyle is humble and sarcastic about it, saying, "I have seen portraits of me, and I am like, 'Why did you do that?' When you are old, you will ask yourself, 'Why is this on me?' Then fans want me to sign them. I do it. I try and do it nicely. But it ruins your marker when you do it," referring to fans asking to get an autograph on their person so they can turn it into a tattoo, and the body oils drying out the tip of the Sharpie.

While Doyle doesn't foresee adding to his modest tattoo collection and covering his arms with full sleeves, the kind which dominate the rock landscape of today, that doesn't mean that he doesn't have the opportunity. "All my tattoo friends look at the one on my arm, as I have had it since I was 17, and they'll say, 'Let me color that in for you, let me do something with that,' and I am pretty much like, 'Leave me alone.'"

Sometimes it's best to leave a classic alone. And, as Doyle says, "Keep It Simple, Stupid."

Photography by Steve Prue

Article by Amy Sciarrett

Models: Leah Jung, Draven Star, Kleio Valentien

Location: Shangri-La Studio (Brooklyn, NY)

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