Inked Out NJ 2013 - Marked in the Meadowlands
Mario Barth hit us with another edition of his annual Inked Out New Jersey convention last September at the Meadowlands Expo Center in Secaucus, NJ.
From September 13 -15, hundreds of tattoo artists, collectors, and vendors gathered for three days of sick ink, rockin' country music performances, gasp-inducing burlesque shows, and nail-biting contests. As customary, Rebel Ink was present to get you, our loyal rebels, the scoop on the weekend's event.

As soon as we set up shop on the convention floor, the convention attendees crowded our photo booth in hopes of having our photographers take pictures of their tats. Since the good folks of Inked Out NJ sat us right stab in the middle of the floor, we had a nice number of tat fanatics visit our booth and have their pics snapped. Folks of all ages and from all walks of life bared their amazing ink collection for the RI cameras.

With skilled tattoo artists such as Mike DeMasi, Mario Rosena, the Horitoshi Family, Mike Pastore, Tiffany Tattooz, Javier Eastman, Randy Engelhard, Tattoo Lou's all-star team, and, of course, the Starlight Tattoo crew, you know there were some incredible tattoos created over the weekend. We got to check out incredible works of art - large black and grey masterpieces as well as bright, attention-grabbing color pieces, and everything in between.

Another beautiful sight came in the form of a fiery redhead by the name of Raquel Reed, who had all of the guys - and some of the gals - picking up their jaws off the floor. The lovely Ms. Reed really raised the temp in the room with her seductive burlesque show on stage. And get this - she did the show multiple times during the day, each time adding a little more spice than the last.

For our listening pleasure, Inked Out NJ served up the musical talents of Rock/Country duo McKenzies Mill. The show's emcee, Constantin Luger, also performed a few tunes for the crowd throughout the weekend.

Each night trophies were awarded to the tattoo artists for their hard work. The awards presented included first, second and third place for categories such as Best Black and White & Color Design Sheet, Best Black and White Tattoo, Best Color Tattoo, Best Back or Chest Piece, Best Tribal, Best Overall, and the big prize for Best Tattoo of the Day.

Mario Barth and his team offered up a sick tattoo bash, and we can't wait to see what they have in store for us this year. Make sure you visit www.inkedoutnj.com for info on this year's show this coming September.

Portrait photos by Dan Howell
Floor photos by Steve Prue
Article by Mannie Pendexter

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