LouLou D'vil and The Baron - Sideshow Ink
She's got the jiggle and the wiggle like Jell-O on springs. Her shimmy and shake will make your heart break. Her bump 'n' grind will make you lose your mind. Ladies and gentlemen, Miss LouLou D'Vil.
In the ever-growing world of modern burlesque there is an abundance of peelers and squealers and torrid torso tossers that leave a trail of broken men in the wake of their hip shake. None is more deadly than Finnish ecdysiast, LouLou D'Vil. With majestic costuming, epic performances that run from the sublime to the raunchy, and a knockout 39-23-37 frame, Miss D'Vil has racked up the awards including "Reigning Queen of Burlesque" at Miss Exotic World 2013 in Las Vegas.

Besides her various and feverishly stylized actsó"High Priestess of Feather Snake," "Sex on Legs," and othersóincluding her tributes to Jada and Bettie Page, LouLou's beauty is rivaled by nothing except perhaps for the super strength of her man, The Baron.

The Baron is a formidable and somewhat ominous character whose amazing feats of strength are only matched by LouLou's robust pulchritude.

LouLou paused from shaking her moneymaker and the Baron put down something heavy long enough to answer a few questions about burlesque, tattoos, and throwing knives for fun.

The Baron

REBEL INK: What is it exactly that you do?
The Baron: I do a few different kinds of acts, but my main act is the dandy strongman act. In this act I rip big books in half, bend steel rods with my teeth, rip chains that has been put around my body, juggle with cannon balls and most of all, I lift extremely heavy weights with my piercings such as ears, septum and nipples. With nipples I can lift all the way up to 77 pounds. Ah, and I also use my eyelids for lifting as well. I do all this in a very theatrical way without forgetting the comedy in it.

What got you into it?
It was somewhere in mid '90s when I read a book regarding Fakir Musafar, and it turned a new page in my life. I started to get more interested in modern primitivism and that is the way I started to find out more about rites of passage. I was doing lots of hook suspensions and such. From that it didn't take long for me to start looking into the sideshow world and what kind of things I could do there.

Who has inspired you?
Rasmus Nielsen, "The Original Scandinavian Strongman," Isaac Newton, Fakir Musafar, Czar Nikolai II...

Have you ever been hurt doing any of this?

Only a few times, but nothing too serious has happened-only some torn flesh, torn eyelids, and high voltage electrocution.

Do you and LouLou perform together?
LouLou is not part of my act. We do our own shows, however, we are working on our duo act as well. So, at some point soon people can see us together on the stage.

Describe some of your tattoos.

My upper body is covered with black and grey hexagons. There will be more Hexagons as soon as I just have time to get tattooed.

What's your favorite trick or stunt?
I don't really do tricks, only stunts. I think the eyelid weight lifting is my favorite as it really splits the audience in half. Some love it and some start to feel sick.

What's a stunt you haven't tried yet, but want to?
I'm working on my knife/axe throwing routine at the moment. I haven't done it on the stage yet, so that is really something I'm looking forward to doing.

Any advice to kids wanting to do what you do?
When there is possible danger in whatever you want to do or try, study it really well before you start doing it. Some of the sideshow stunts can be lethal. Best way to learn these things is to find someone to teach you.

Photography by Steve Prue
Article by Frank De Blase

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