Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention - Windy City Inkage
Villain Arts returned to The Windy City to throw the Chicago Tattoo Arts Convention March 2224, 2013. It was a weekend of hardcore tattooing, lively entertainment, friendly competition, and continuing education.
The event seemed to pair Midwestern heroes with some of the world's biggest and brightest in tattooing in a clockwork-like fashion that is the well-oiled Villain Arts machine.

It was a cozy, but well-attended, show at the smaller Crowne Plaza Hotel in Rosemont, just north of the city. The show focused on the deep well of Chicago tattooers such as Nick Colella, Jr. Perez, P Krol, Tylor Schwartz, Jerry Cross, Beto Munoz, and Adam Aguas who were joined by Midwestern bad asses Emilio Saylor, Rodney Eckenburger, Shawn Patton, Jes Strickler, Styx Killion, and Nate Click to show everybody what they were workin' with and to let everyone see what's good this year. Big names in tattooing such as Russ Abbott, Megan Massacre, Dillon Forte, Sarah Miller, Amy Nicoletto, and Crazy Philadelphia Eddie drew big crowds and had a good time in the best city in the world. A circus tent full of amazing acts helped keep the atmosphere lively with Enigma and Serana Rose, Olde City Sideshow, Rigormortis Burlesque Review, and Crash Suspensions on stage emceed by the wild Dr. Blasphemy throughout the weekend.

The tattoo competitions were chock full of tattoo collectors devoted to serious modification. Artists bringing home the coveted Villain Arts plaque included Audie Fuller, Styx Killion, Johnny Nobody, P Krol, the Munoz brothers, Nikk Dycha, and Russ Abbott.  

Seminars brought the tattooers in attendance together to share information and learn what they could from each other. Troy Timpel taught a "Watercolor for Tattooers" class. John Durant taught "Microdermals" with Steve Truit, and Nick Molasto and Halo taught tattooing seminars.

Show promoter Troy Timpel put a lot of work into giving Chicago a convention that was both credible and fun, and all in attendance had a great time as the result of his efforts. Thanks for the fantastic time, Chicago!

To keep up-to-date on future Villain Arts Events, check out www.villainarts.com.

Photos and article by Mary d'Aloisio

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